Match Race Germany

po dwóch dniach ścigania się w deszczu, zimnie i słabym wietrze awansowałem z moją młodą lokalną załogą do następnej rundy. 8 wygranych wyścigów i trzy porażki to doskonały bilans biorąc pod uwagę, że żeglujemy po raz pierwszy razem.  Ale jeszcze długa droga do końca regat.

The former number one is leading the fleet – eight wins guarantee Jablonski his spot in the quarter finals of Match Race Germany


Langenargen, May 13, 2016. Things get tense towards the end of the first round of the 19th edition of Match Race Germany. Twelve teams from eight countries fight for one of the eight spots in the quarter finals of Germany’s best known matchrace regatta but four of them will have to strike their colors.


World Champion Karol Jablonski has established a good lead and is already qualified fort he next round. His Jablonski Racing Team ist he only one which has collected eight wins in 11 duels after 19 flights and 57 matches in wet and light wind conditions.


Seven wins are enough for Philip Bendon and his Bendon Race Team to set their eyes firmly on the quarters. Another three teams have set course for the next round with five wins each. Behind them another two teams with five wins and two with four wins have not yet given up.


Lukasz Wosinski’s Delphia Sailing Team for example has only collected four wins so far but is facing another three matches tomorrow giving the Polish crew plenty of opportunities to catch up. There is a strong Polish desire to do well in this year’s Match Race Germany. Besides Jablonski and Wosinski, Przemek Tarnacki wants to improve his ninth place from last year. Having won six of his matches so far, will worl nicely for Tarnacki’s Team Energa Volvo Yacht Race as a bridge into the next round.


One oft he most exciting duels of the day that saw collisions, penalties and happy winners, gave everyone a foretaste of what ist o come on the following days. The match between doyen Karol Jablonski and his young local crew on the one hand and the German Innotio Match Race Team with skipper Adrian Maier-Ring from the Schüler Segel Club Konstanz on the other hand, ended in a dramatic way. Whilst the young guns dominated most of the race after a communications error on Jablonski’s boat, a steamer wave stopped the Germans just on their way to the finish whilst jibing. Jablonski responded well and reached the finish line one meter ahead of his rivals.


Said Jablonski, „My crew comes in ride better and better, the maneuvres work out better, the communication improved. We absolutely do develop a momentum.“ Jablonski has never sailed with his local crew before he met them a day before the start of Match Race Germany. Adrian Maier-Ring and his Innotio Match Race Team have nor more chance to reach the quarter finals. The only German crew has won only two of their eleven matches but is still proud of their performance. Said Adrian Maier-Ring, „We did plan to start a bit more aggressively today and that gave us an edge in a couple of races. We did well against top guys like Jablonski and Tarnacki. Unfortunately that steamer wave wrecked our very possible win against Karol as 99.99 per cent of that race went really well. But we will come back.“ Team Gekko’s skipper Kohei Ichikawa, who normally sails in the olympic 470 class, said his team struggled sailing Match Race Germany’s big yachts despite being the only crew to sail with six crew due to their light weight. But the Japanese leave Langenargen in best spirts. Said Ichikawa, „it was fantastic and we would like to come back next year.“


Racing continues on Saturday with the last three flights of the Round Robin and quarter finals in the afternoon. The skipper’s briefing starts at 8 in the morning, racing at 9.


Preliminary Results after 19 of 22 Round Robin flights


1. Karol Jablonski (POL. Jablonski Racing), 8 wins

2. Philip Bendon (IRL, Bendon Race Team), 7 wins

3. Przemek Tarnacki (POL, Energa Yacht Racing Team), 6 wins

3. Dejan Presen (SLO, Lumba Match Race Team), 6 wins

3. Maxime Mesnil (FRA, Co Pilotes By Normandie Elite Team), 6 wins

6. Nelson Mettraux (SUI, Geneva Match Race Team), 5 wins

6. Bojan Rajar (SLO, Eureka Sailing Team), 5 wins

8. Pierre Rhimbault (FRA, Matchtogether), 4 wins

9. Lukasz Wosinski (POL, Delphia Sailing Team), 4 wins

10. Vladimir Lipavsky (RUS, Ost Legal Sailing), 3 wins

11. Adrian Maier-Ring (GER, Innotio Match Race Team), 2 wins

12. Kohei Ichikawa (JPN, Team Gekko), 1 wins


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